Slow and Steady


I’m back reading and writing posts, I really never intended to leave…  I had tendonitis in my wrist (making it painful to type) so I started walking, walking and walking.  I was making the best of my time off from work.  Then…dread, my arthritis that I didn’t even know I had in my knees- flared up. Darn it!  But it’s ok!  I know others have had much bigger challenges.  I can do this.  I’ve started swimming, and I really am enjoying the quiet way of losing myself in the pool.  It’s not as convenient, but I can do it.

I’m losing very slowly, using weight watchers to help.  Two years ago July, I weighed 296.7!  A year ago I weighed about 288.  Today, I’m  267.5.  Yes I’m disappointed that in over a year, I’m only down 20.5 pounds.  Actually and honsetly, I’ve lost the weight twice this year.  But!  I’m here now, I’m exercising and I’m eating much better.  I have so much room for improvement on exercise and food choices and preparation but I’m heading in the right direction.  Thank you to some of my fav blogs, and I’m adding more to my reader everyday.

And many more!  Thank you for all of your help, and I’m back to learn, eat healthy, and break into fitness!

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You Are What You Eat!



This cracked me up!  This week I’ve been looking at and evaluating different diet plans; Paleo, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Weight Watchers…what to do?  I’ve been achy and lethargic and wondering if it’s the lack of good exercise or the food I’m eating causing this.  I don’t love exercise, then when I do exercise- the pain!  I’m stiff and sore!  An article I read talked about foods that cause inflammation.  Hmm, I thought, do I need another diet plan?  Or do I just need to develop a better exercise plan, and to learn to “suck up” the stiffness and soreness.  (I’m kind of a wimp!)  

I’ve been talking to my friends that are fit, and they say “get used to it, exercise more (a lot) and you can almost eat what you want!” Well, ok,  I think I’m still hoping for the magic bullet.  There is no bullet.  I need to get up and exercise more.  As the weight comes off I’m bound to get in better shape and hopefully have less- or at least different aches and pains.  When I sit around the house, I tend to get depressed- not good for a diet or exercise plan.  I also get stiff and sore.  Today and tomorrow I’m home and off work.  I’m going to set out to be more active, sit at home less (although I do need to do my taxes), and eat better.  I’m also thinking of, trying to, maybe, giving up soda.  Wow, I can hardly type that!  Yes, I’m going to try to drink more water.  I’ll so miss the fizziness of the soda, and the flavored bubbly water, not to mention caffeine.  But I’ll give it a try.  Anyone out there kick the habit?  Any tips?  

Over the next year I would like to:

  • decrease my grains, sugar, soda, and meat consumption.  
  • I would also like to increase my exercise
  • eat at home a lot more, and
  • run a 5K.  (I’m not even trying until I reach 210).  Currently at 270.  

My progress for the Sprint to May Challenge- slow but picking up again.  I need to lose 20 pounds to meet my STMC goal.  We still have all of March and all of April.  It’s somewhat do-able!  Eight and a half weeks.  That’s only 2.35 pounds a week.  I may be able to still pull this off.  Whatever portion of this goal I achieve will be welcomed!  

Off to exercise!  

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


The good:

I’m feeling better and putting forth a lot of effort to have fresh healthy foods on hand and to eat clean and nutritious.

The Bad:

I’m eating better only about 90% of the time (but much, much more conscious than 4 months ago).

The Ugly:

No loss this week, and a 0.2 pound gain.  I’m not going to beat myself up, this is absolutely related to choices I made this week.  I own it!

I’m not steady at my 90 day goal of 268 which ended Jan 29th.  I am currently 272.  I am eating better and feeling better.  I still crave sugar and going out to eat.  I love to go out to eat, and it’s also the thing my hubby and I love to do together.  I’m still trying to find things that we can enjoy to do together that don’t involve food.  He’s not big into walking and that’s the main exercise I do ( besides hand to mouth!).

This weeks plan:

Plan better for road trips (we do a 2 hour road trip out and back nearly every week, and I’ve been snacking a bit too much in the car).

Plan meals for out of town better.  We have a limited kitchen and food availability.  This week I took what I had, didn’t plan quite as well as I could have.

Cut down on carbs.


Drink more water.

Try harder next week!

Read lots of blogs for information and motivation.


Go Sprint 2 May Challenge!!

Congrats to all of you who are showing losses this week, please share your tips and good recipes.  Big shout out to Carolina- 8.4??? Are you kidding me???  I’d be over the moon!  Go Carolina Go!

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Back To Basics- Eat Better


I’m seeing changes!  I’ve been making changes in my eating and exercising since late October.  Although my weight isn’t plummeting like I would hope, I’m seeing changes in my habits and I noticed it loud and clear last evening.  Last night, we (hubby and I) found ourselves watching the Olympics at a public TV, I LOVE the Olympics and we are out of town without TV access otherwise.  So, we ordered a salad and a burger to share.  I picked and prodded and scrapped to get the burger just right.  I ate the salad with no dressing.  I passed on the pretzels at the bar.  I was excited to see how much more effort I put into choosing what I was going to eat, and ways that I’ve changed since embarking on this journey.  Here are a few examples I thought of that I do now, but didn’t before.

  • When I’m eating out now, I find that I share more.
  • I use WAY less salad dressing if any, and I always order dressings or condiments on the side.
  • I carefully scan the menu for the best choice, not just the best taste.
  • I order condiments on the side.
  • I’m eating a lot more vegetables and trying to cut back carbs (though I must admit, I adore carbs).
  • I think about, shop for and prep healthy snacks.  I’m not going to quit snacking, but I can make better choices.
  • I’m measuring my food – most of the time.
  • I log all my food.
  • I’m exercising more- I need to work on this, I need to keep pushing myself and I don’t.
  • I have soup before dinner when possible.

This week I’ve hired a personal chef to come to my house and teach me some basic cooking skills. (I was looking for a cooking class but this was the best I could find and it’s very reasonable).   Although I’ve been trying to eat at home more, my food isn’t very tasty and I’m often disappointed after I’ve made a highly rated recipe.  The lesson will be 2 hours, I will learn knife skills, kitchen techniques, vegetable prep, sautéing, braising and roasting.  I’ll even end up with a great dinner for that night.  I can’t wait.

I continue to keep a big bowl of vegetable soup in the fridge.  Vegetable soup has a great point value, and it’s filling and delicious!  I’m a big eater, and the soup helps me feel full. I keep celery with cream cheese (1/3 less fat) ready for a quick snack and yogurt and string cheese too. I listen to podcasts (my favorite is Half Size Me) and books on tape for motivation also.  Heather, the moderator for Half Size Me, has guests who have been successful at losing weight and maintaining it and are very inspiring.  I also like to listen to books on tape on my way to work and I’m listening to Jane Fonda- Prime Time.  She talks about ways to age better, and  changes we go through as we reach different stages (she calls them Acts) in our lives.  I’ve had quite a few A-Ha moments listening to this, and also a number of – thank God moments-  I’m not the only one who thinks that way or feels that way!  Making small changes daily, listening to motivated people, reading blogs are all ways I’m trying to get through this journey.

Here is to another day on this journey, and I’ll let everyone know how Thursday goes with the chef.  Cheers!


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Please share to show my pupils how far a photo can go (even if you don’t want it to!)

Sitting in Ensenada, Mexico reading this…

Not about everything

Sharing this, because it seems an interesting lesson.

I am teaching E-safety to my pupils at the moment and wanted to try a little experiment. Please share this photo and see how far it gets, I want to show my students how easily photos etc can go viral, even when you may not want them to. Share it and see how far it goes!


View original post

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I’m So Frustrated WIth Myself!


I started out good yesterday, then I screwed up again!  I’m feeling out of control as a guest, I tried to suggest going out yesterday, but we stayed in all day, I just got a bit of exercise in the morning in front of the TV before everyone got up and going.  Yes I could have just gone out for a walk and I didn’t.  I think I need to do that today, or tomorrow I’ll be writing something similar.

I have been adding up the points on the food I’ve been eating and I’m soooo far over by budget, and I can’t imagine how I can save this week.   I was motivated in the morning, but the day unfolded, lost control over the food that was available, (however, I could have eaten less). Today has to be a better day.  I’m scared now.  How much is this going to show on the scale? How can I fix this? Drink more water, eat less, eat cleaner.  Get off this couch and go out and walk!

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Today Will Be A Better Day, or, “Getting Back On The Horse”


I’m getting back on!  I am well rested (this equates to being very lazy yesterday), I woke up energetic and did some exercises this morning.  I’m eating better and I see the motivation light at the end of a shorter tunnel.  I’ve been looking at recipes for this coming week and reading blogs from people in a similar “place” in their life.  It always helps to know you are not alone, doesn’t it?  I’m getting BACK on that horse!  BAM!

It’s a bit more difficult not being home, but not impossible.  I don’t have to move mountains, just try not to gain one.  Plan: Drink water, exercise- make it fit in, don’t eat crazy, plan for nailing it down (food and exercise) when I get home.  Here I go.

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The Road To My Better Life is a Long and Winding One. It Won’t Be Easy!


I think today, I feel like I could score at the Superbowl easier than I can get motivated and back on track again.  Sigh, I’ve made it over 90 days and with some success (almost 20 pounds), then, as so often happens, my motivation starts to wane.  It started about a week or so ago, wanting to eat out.  I did it once, no big deal.  Then I wanted to go out more, not thinking that this was exactly what got me into this mess.  Again and again my hubby and I went out and the weight started to stop falling off, then stop moving, then start going the wrong way.  I turned a blind eye, as I do when I want to avoid dealing with something.  That blind eye was there when I should have been exercising and prepping food for the week, and also when I went to the store and put candy in my cart.  I had this false sense that I can do some of these little behaviors without them catching up to me, but I know I cant and now, I’m having a really hard time getting back on track.  

Today, I’m out of town, staying with my daughter, Superbowl Sunday, and I have little control over my food.  I also want to be fun, and in my family, fun equates to food, preparing or going out.  I did bring walking shoes but other than that, I don’t have exercise plans here either.  And, it’s cold.  I’m not in Southern California anymore, I’m in the Pacific Northwest and it’s cold.  

I think one of the worst things is about this feeling that I’m failing is that I know what I need to do.  I know I could get up off this couch right now, and go walk in the cold.  I could ask my daughter to drive me to a store where I can buy some healthy food.  Will I?  I don’t know.  I feel kind of numb.  I can complain that life is so hard, but I really have it good.  It’s hard to me, but yet I know I have a roof over my head, food (too much) for my stomach and heat in the house.  I have a job, I have a loving family.  I have the brains to know that I need to change 53 years of bad habits to change my life.  

Ok, here I go, I’m going to get ready and take the dog for a walk.  I’m going to eat decent today and read blogs to gain some motivation.  I’m in the Sprint to May Challenge, I need to get going!  

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Countdown to Goal #1 (20 pounds in 90 days)


January 29th is my 90 day mark, and I’m well on track to meet my goal of 20 pounds in 90 days (268)!

Today is “weigh day” and I was 269.8.  I was so hoping and ecstatic to see the 260’s again!  It’s been 3 years, and the last time in 2010 was just fleeting.  It didn’t stay off long, but that time I was using shake meal replacements.  The weight came off but I was unable to adjust to regular food and unfortunately, I gained it all back.

Three months ago, I promised my doctor I would start Weight Watchers, today was my follow up appointment, she was very pleased with my weight loss and my lab work.  I have another appointment set up in 3 months, for added accountability. I’m also taking part in the Sprint to May Challenge.  My STMC goal is to hit 250 before May 1st.  I’m finding more motivational blogs through the STMC tags.  I love reading about how everyone plans to attack this weight “bitch”!

This week my concentration has been on food (hasn’t it always)!  I’ve been preparing food for the week for quick lunches and dinners, having fresh vegetable soup in the refrigerator, and fresh fruit and veggies all peeled, cut up and ready to go.  My fruit bowl has bananas and apples, and there is melon in the fridge.  I’m trying to round out my food better, using the weight watcher check off boxes, to make sure I get fruits, veggies, and a bit of dairy in, and I’m not eating 36 points of crap.  I’m working in exercise on each day off, since at work, my walking is incorporated right into the job.  I’ve started the “Daily Burn” online exercise class- at least for a month. I like it, my daughter (24 y.o.)  loves it.  It’s easy for the True Beginner which I appreciate, as Jillian nearly killed me!  Once I get some weight off I can start shopping around and experimenting, but for now, it’s walking and True Beginner – Daily Burn.

I went back and reviewed what my challenges were three months ago.  One of my biggest challenges was wanting to stop for food every night on the way home from work.  I haven’t done this once since Oct. 29th, and I really don’t miss it.  It must be eating better food that helps me pass this up, because the temptation before this three months was so strong, it was hard to not stop.  This is probably saving me about 4500 calories a week.

Not getting enough fruits and vegetables in was hard, but now, I have so much in the house, and with such low point values, I’m tempted to grab those choices first.  I spend more time up in the “office”, less time with hubby unfortunately, but the TV (and therefore hubby) are close to the kitchen, and the ads make me crave everything fast food!  So, I watch a bit, and retreat to my safe place.  Away from the food.

New challenges:

  • still learning to cook and I’m not very good at it.
  • wimping out with exercises sometimes- I know i could do better, but I still can’t wait until it’s over.
  • occasional, evil, strong, craving both for the socialization and for the taste of eating out.

Let’s GO!  Thanks for reading.

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Sprinting! Sprinting to May!

Image I’ve been thinking about this Sprint to May Challenge 2014 all day.  I really look at this like a tool thats come out of nowhere to help me reach my goal, and I need to take advantage of it.  A few years ago I watched the Ruby show on TV.  I remember thinking, it’s nice that she has doctors that understand her, she has prepackaged food she can just grab in the fridge or freezer and it’s all calculated out, she has coaches to help her get where she needs to be with exercising.  Well, I have these tools too, they just aren’t quite as convenient but then I don’t weigh 400 pounds either.  I need to be thankful for the tools I have and use them.  She has advantages, and several disadvantages.  I’ll take mine. I’ve decided that my goal will be weight loss, I would like to lose 6 pounds by Jan 29th for a total of 20 in 90 days (previous goal), then 6 more in each of the months of Feb., Mar, and April. This will deliver me at May’s doorstep a svelte 250 pounds.  I’m sure to most people that sounds so funny, but I’m telling you, I would LOVE to weigh 250!

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