An Inspiration!

Today I woke up with a cold. A cold on vacation, isn’t that just bad luck???  Well, I’m going to try to not let it get me down. Off we go!  First stop is the Uffizi museum which after waiting for 30 minutes, opened to a stuffy room with a stairway, it was a big, long dramatic, beautiful stairway, yet it was looming, yes, this one and his 3 friends.  There was a lift for “the disabled.”  I didn’t feel I qualified, fat, with a cold, out of shape, but I’m not disabled.  So I ventured up.  The 20 something kids, 4 of them, went up , up , up.  I gestured for them to go ahead, I’m coming, but inside I’m wilting, heart beating, lungs stretching, muscles aching.  Aw, here comes the personal heat wave, and nausea.  I pretend I’m enjoying the few pieces of artwork, while I catch my breath and prepare to scale flights 2-4. I notice a few other middle age women “enjoying this artwork” also.  

We walked in and out of room after room of beautiful artwork.  Hmm, I’m not eating and I’m walking. Yay!  After about an hour and a half we’ve finished.  My cold is ramping up now, instead of heading to museum number two I need to come back and take a break.  No appetite at all.  So tired I need a nap.  The rest of the crew ventures on to museum 2, The Galileo Museum, I hear it was a hit, but I was napping.  Good news is I got up with a second wind, went for a walk on our last day here in Florence, and still…no appetite. maybe the net effect of this week will even out with today’s calories being so low!  Best of all, on our last shopping trip around the market I bought an inspiration shirt.  Just a cool T-shirt with Leonardo’s sketches on it, but of course the sizes are small here, and even the 2X looks small.  So, I’m inspired to get to a size that I can work out in this t-shirt and remember how hard the stairs were today, how my feet hurt this trip while I walked so much, while being so overweight that I’m basically carrying a whole other tourist!

I can do it!  Thanks to all of you fellow bloggers who are keeping me motivated!

About anonymousfatlady

Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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1 Response to An Inspiration!

  1. lstro001 says:

    Being overweight, I know exactly how it feels to dread the stairs. Once you get to the top and you’re out of breath, you struggle to hide the fact that you’re breathing so heavily as to not embarrass yourself. What a bad feeling!

    Great idea to get an inspiration shirt! Keep up the good work!

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