Motivation! I’m finding it!



Thanks to my family support and other bloggers, I’m finding my motivation!  Yesterday I shopped, planned and prepped some food for the week (this is BIG!).  I made soup and grilled chicken breast and veggies (again, BIG! I hate to cook!).  By reading other blogs I’m gaining motivation and ideas for how I can change my life.  I thank you all for your weight loss, motivation and exercise blogs and I love comments to my blogs.  We can all help each other!!

Yesterday I was looking online for exercise videos and I found a Bollywood one.  Now remember, I’m NOT a small person!  I closed the door, and let myself dance!  I found that I loved it.  Now I don’t look like the people on the video doing these moves mind you, but it was fun, and I liked it.  I moved!  It wasn’t easy, I’m not coordinated, I don’t have great balance, but it’s a start! Who knew!  I’m going to dust off the wii today as well. My heels are still blistered from all the walking on our trip, so walking is being saved for work tomorrow but I’m actually looking forward to doing some exercise and logging it in as “done” today!  


  • I’m a little concerned about returning to “life” and work tomorrow, the vacation is over!  But!  Almost all of the people I work with are very health conscious and active.  I can learn from them and find support there.  Afterall, we alI need energy to do our job well, it’s a very active job, standing and walking for 12 hours and we all need clear minds.  
  • One of my biggest challenges during work days is the trip home.  I leave work at 10:30PM and I’m starving!  I have been stopping at fast food places on the way home and I need a change.  
  • Yesterday, my husband came home with 3 packages of cookies!  Ugh, I’m a sweet tooth.  He knows I’m trying to lose weight but his perspective is just don’t eat it.  He is also overweight, but not motivated right now to lose weight.  


  • Work days – work will count as exercise, non-work days exercise 40 min or 2100 cal per week average.
  • I’ll pack a good lunch and a snack specifically for the ride home.  
  • Plan food, portion control, increase fruits and veggies. 
  • Have healthy snacks available.  
  • Spend a lot of time near the kitchen or family room where we eat.  
  • Keep my desk a “food free zone.” 
  • Exercise daily! 
  • Read other’s blogs for motivation. 
  • Use all the Weight Watchers tools and log food daily.  

Any more snack ideas?? It needs to be portable, and not something I need a spoon or fork for, and no drips!  I’m thinking celery sticks with cream cheese, but something hot always sounds better on my way home from work!  Lunch at work isn’t usually a problem, I pack healthy lunches with lean meat and fruit, but I can pack down a days worth the calories on the ride home if I don’t watch it! 

Let’s Go! 


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Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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  1. Popcorn made on the stove top with a Tbls of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut oil seasoned with Reduced Fat Parmesan is sooo good. Good luck on your journey and if I can be of any help, I am hear for you 🙂

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