Keeping It Up! Trying Again!


Here I am again, throughout my life I’ve been on so many “diet’s” or “healthy living plans,” but this one, a week in, and still going strong, I hope is the one that sticks!

I lost this week!  Only 1.2 pounds, and I had been down more during the week, and although I followed my plan, I went back up a bit the day of weigh in. Maybe that’s why a lot of people only weigh once a week.  But!  I feel so much better!  More energy, clearer head, and I’m not having cravings for junk constantly!  I do have cravings for going out to eat, but last night, at 10:30 PM on my way home from work, I was so satisfied with my great tasting and filling meal- that I ate at 5pm, I wasn’t even tempted to stop at fast food. Usually I practically run out to my car, debating on which fast food joint to stop at.  This was such a big moment for me.  To even think about it, and the difference in the way I felt.  The fact that I could identify this and stare it in the face and say “I’m not craving this, I’m over that!” That felt great!

Looking back over the week, although I managed to stay within my points better than other previous efforts,  I did eat a fair amount of starchy veggies.  I will work on balancing the starchy vegetables this week. I also have been fitting in and enjoying (maybe a bit to generously) my tortilla chips, I may need to wean myself back a bit.  Not off! But back.

So now on to humor, it helps me to remember humorous reasons to lose weight and adapt a better life style.  I’ll try to share a funny story frequently.  Being fat is just funny sometimes, I’ve learned to laugh with it, since usually, there is nothing I can do about it at that one moment in time when the event happens, anyway!

This is the sarong story.  Why are all the sarongs so small?  The thin people are wrapped up in their sarongs, and have them going in here, and under there, and looping around their necks!  I can’t get it to close 6 inches below where I tie it!  While shopping in the hotel gift shop on a beautiful tropical island one day, I found some large sarongs. Wow! Does no one else see these?  These are great, and they aren’t so small that I’ll have to struggle.  Wow, cool.  I love it, but the color, so they have the cool colors?  So I ask the lady, do you have this in any other colors?  In the mean time, I’m smiling and trying it on, practically swirling around like Cinderella, finding her shoe!  The lady yells to her co-worker,  Mabel, do we have these table clothes in any other colors?  My heart sank.  I peeled it off my hips and folded it up.  Suddenly it just lost it’s charm!  I have to admit, I’ve had quite a few laughs telling the story though!

So, I must stay motivated, no wearing table clothes, and no getting stuck in the backseat of the car.  I’m going to work on becoming a normal regular sized person!  I want energy, clothes off the rack, a normal appetite and I can do this!

Current Weight 276

Short Term Goal 265

Plan: drink! Eat non starch veggies. Exercise!  Eat healthy foods at home! Read blogs, and use healthy tips from other bloggers.  Come on 11 more pounds!!!

About anonymousfatlady

Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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2 Responses to Keeping It Up! Trying Again!

  1. Oh no! I bet you rocked that tablecloth, too! I hear you. I can’t even find a towel I like these days.

  2. Keep on keepin on. I have only weighed myself once in ten months. The scales are not my friend and usually are the reason I turn to comfort foods. Love the sarong story too. I have to admit I have never tried one of those, thankfully 🙂

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