Nothing Like a Day at the Beach to Cure the Blues!


Today I woke up with a bowling ball in my stomach over an issue with my spouse, but with hope and some motivation to not let this and the holiday get to me.  I made myself go take a walk on the beach.  I only live 4 miles away, but for some reason, weeks and sometimes months go by without me actually setting foot on it!  I got to the beach, put on some old Aerosmith and set off walking. The tide was really high, so I was walking on quite a slant (poor me)!  Once I’m there, I realize how lucky I am to live here, (Southern California) where I’ve always wanted to live.  For those of you who love seasons and snow more to ya!  I love sun, blue sky’s and 70 degree days!  I couldn’t get my butt going very fast, but I walked 1.5 miles, plus up and down the tower of stairs to the beach itself.  I felt really good about it.  As a matter of fact, I’ve felt really good all day!  On my trip back I saw dolphins, and to me that’s like a lucky sign.  I’m going to have a good day when I see dolphins.

When I got home, my hubby had gone out and bought me flowers.  This is BIG.  He’s not an emotional guy, his emotional radar is permanently set in the “off” position, yet he knew I was feeling quite blue and fat and heading toward the Non-motivated-loser bus. He and the dolphins saved the day.   My renewed self prepped some healthy food for the week.  I could have easily crashed and burned but it didn’t turn out that way.  Reading blogs, exercise, eating healthy, making better choices are great tools I’ve learned and when I put the tools in place, tough decisions, and tough days get easier.  Thursday is weigh day.  I hope to have not gained, a loss would be almost too much to ask for with the holiday, but I can still hope!

About anonymousfatlady

Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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