Feeling like Frankenstein!


Well I’m at the dreaded plateau.  I couldn’t even bear to weigh myself today because if anything I’ve gained even though I’ve given it a good college try this week. I’ve been walking, trying to walk faster and then today, I tried a “Couch to 5K” podcast/trainer.  I should have stretched first, but I did walk about 5 minutes before it asked me to begin running.  I haven’t run in a while, and my legs felt like tree trunks.  Me feet felt stiff and straight like I had ski boots on.  I felt like Frankenstein!  I kept the walk-run going, it went on for 30 minutes, I confess the last three running rounds were more walking than running, but it’s a start.  I’m still over 270 pounds, so I can’t imagine that I could just start off running, but I was kind of hoping I could do it.  I have 4 days off a week, so my plan is to do each program (day of training), until I do the whole thing without walking through the run.  I also have access to a gym a few days a week (or sometimes only a few days every few weeks), but I’m going to do the elliptical and some swimming there too.  

I had listened to a pod cast today called “Runner Academy with Matt Johnson.”  There were guest speakers who talked about starting out running, and a lady who did 50 Marathons in 50 states in two years. WOW.  While I was doing my couch to 5K quick running bursts I was playing good music, and I was picturing myself thin, like the Biggest Loser competitors at the last show, all sleek and proud. I have accomplished a lot in my life, but this weight thing is something I haven’t managed to wrap my head around.  But I’m going to try beefing up (bad pun) my exercise to see if I can get off this plateau and get the weight moving again.  

One thing I have patted myself on the back for today is: It’s been over a month since I stopped for fast food on the way home from work.  That is BIG.  I was eating a lot of calories at night, more than I ate all day, then coming home and going to bed.  One would think, just by stopping that alone, I should have dropped more weight than I have!  Oh well, if it was easy, we’d all be Orange County Housewives! Actually, I haven’t eaten out at all in over a week, that is such a big change in lifestyle for me.  I have to be thankful for the little things I’ve accomplished.  

Whats working: 

Exercise daily

Eating at home

Eating clean(er). 

Reading blogs and listening to podcasts for inspiration and motivation. 

Things I need to improve on: 

Watch temptation when bad foods are around (at work). 

Stop eating when I’m full. Just stop!

Push through exercise- do more, increase intensity. 




About anonymousfatlady

Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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3 Responses to Feeling like Frankenstein!

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    You got this. Keep up the work!

  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    I’ve encountered plateaus, or stalls. I’m in one now. They’re only temporary. Keep doing what your doing and don’t get discouraged!!! Your plan is good and you’re organized, and that’s great!

  3. The Incredible Shrinking Momma says:

    you are doing SO WELL!!! I have to say GOOD FOR YOU for TRYING the running!! it took me MONTHS before I could do that, I needed to build up endurance, and could barely make it around my neighborhood WALKING!! I loved the “clean-ER” part 🙂 you sound like you are doing the best that you can and that is fantastic!!! I know how annoying Plateau’s can be!! how many calories do you have a day? playing around with my calories along with some jogging and LOTS of water, helped me with mine… best wishes to you!! your doing great!!

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