Self- Sabotage: Getting Out of My Own Way.


For years I’ve had an overeating problem.  I’ve tried all the diets, plans, pills, therapy and support groups.  What do all these methods have in common? I sabotaged myself every time.  I take all the information I’m given, process it, rip it apart, and see how it can fit into my life, stuffing little cubes of info into little circles in my life.  I was listening to a Katy Perry song yesterday while walking “Love Me.”  She said something that made me think.  I’m standing in my own way.  Hearing this was a profound moment.  It was as if bells went off and lights started flashing.  I have tools at my disposal, I have supportive friends and family, podcasts, blogs, places to exercise, healthy food.  Why isn’t this plan working (faster)?  The reason is that I get in my own way.  Then, as if to bring this thought even clearer into the forefront of my mind, I was listening to the “Half Size Me” podcast (009) where a guest speaker talked about how Weight Watchers works  better when you don’t try to fit your bad eating habits into the points, but try to eat better cleaner food, and to use the points and the plan as intended.  When you eat the better cleaner food, there are plenty of points for a whole day.  I realized what I’d been doing.  For example, my thought is that I’m NOT giving up tortilla chips and hummus.  So, even if I run close to being out of points, I make them fit.  I felt I deserved them.  I’m trying right? Better than before right?  Looking back, I’ve done this over and over.  I always think I can adapt these plans to fit my lifestyle rather than adapting the lifestyle itself.  I’m never reaching my goal.  I see a connection here.

At least on the way to this realization, I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned a bit more about food and have some more tools in my pocket to eat cleaner and exercise.  Today, I’m going to do some heavy duty meal planning with clean food and exercise planning.  My goal for the coming weeks is to fit my life into this plan.  Adapt to a new lifestyle, not adapt the lifestyle to fit me. Wow.  That was even hard to type!  This will be a HUGE challenge, but I’m up for it. I thought I was in the midst of a huge challenge, but everyday, things get clearer if I’m open to seeing them.  Going into this now with eyes wide open.  Maybe this will be my turning point.

Stay tuned!  I’m excited to see change.

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Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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1 Response to Self- Sabotage: Getting Out of My Own Way.

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Excellent post. I thought of similar things that I do that self sabotage me, and I have a few! Planning is key, no matter what diet, or WOE you’re on. Good luck!

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