Call it a Plateau or not to Call it a Plateau


I’m calling this a plateau.  It feels better than saying I didn’t lose this month.  That’s ok though, I remember thinking right around the holidays that if I just didn’t gain I would be ok.  So I didn’t lose in December, (well, I did but I found it again), but I didn’t have a net gain either.  When I was listening to “Half Size Me” (a podcast), Heather said she had 20 gains yet still had a huge net loss over the year.  That is so good to know.  It keeps me from giving up, and motivates me to go ahead and weigh in even when I don’t feel great about my week.

I feel so much better just down the weight that I am that sometimes it’s easy to forget I’m far from done, and I’m still morbidly obese! I can’t imagine how good another 10,20,30 pounds off will feel.  Today I was on the boat and I felt like my balance was much better. Yet just last week my hubby and I were trying to climb on some huge rocks to catch a few sunset pictures and I was hesitant to take big steps down or up, not sure if things will move as planned and knees can handle the weight.  I can’t wait to get over that.

Last week I tried to change up my exercises, but I’ve decided to return to walking.  I tried doing some pushups and really hurt my wrist, (poor little wrist, the wrist to upper body ratio was WAY off).  I’ve tried jogging, and my legs were like tree trunks moving through mud.  I’ll try again once I get ten more pounds off.  I’m also taking Glucosamine with Chondroitin.  Whatever will help, I’ll give it a try.  There are good things about just plain walking, like not getting stuck in my sports bra, (picture a large Tasmanian Devil with arms over head, crossed and each grabbing a side of a tight, damp sports bra).  It isn’t pretty. Walking also offers a change of scenery, requires no equipment, and is easy to figure out how to count towards Weight Watchers.

Cheers and raise your glass to January, 2014.  My original goal was 20 off by Jan 29th. I’m currently down about 14 (out of town with no scale).  Six pounds in twenty three days- possible.   Wow, if I can do that I’ll really be stoked!  I can do it!

What are your tricks? Help me reach my goal : )   Thank you in advance!


Decrease Carbs!  Ugh, I love tortilla chips and cookies. : (

Walk more, and walk faster!

Eat more veggie soup!

Read blogs daily!

About anonymousfatlady

Kind mannered Morbidly Obese Female, on a journey to better health. Over 150 pounds to lose. Help Wanted!
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